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Payment Processing Services

Merchant Services and Payment Processing

Whether you’re a new or an established business or a start-up accepting credit cards, debit cards, charge cards or any other form of payment is a must. We process payment transactions for retail, online and mobile businesses. in the sectors of retail, service, internet based and OnDemand services it is imperative that you accept electronic payments from your customers without interruption. ROMPOS Merchant Services are built in and provide lowest cost credit card processing options. ROMPOS provides you with the ability to accept all payment types in real-time, quickly and securely with redundancy options and without breaking the bank. Merchant Services allow you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Debt Cards, AMEX, Discover, Gift Cards, Electronic Checks and much more!


Credit and debit transactions are accommodated at competitive rates. Utilizing the most stable and reputable, yet redundant networks.

Surcharge Payments
Most Crypto Currencies

A cash discount program is a type of credit card processing that passes the cost of credit card processing transactions and fees of card acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with a credit card or debit card. Cash discount merchant services allow business owners to continue to accept all major credit cards, but without the loss of 3-4% in fees. Just like gas station publish cash and credit prices,

A surcharge percentage is added to the published price cost of products, goods or services. Surcharges pass costs on to the consumer with a separately published flat fee or percentile as an addition to the cost of the goods or services.

As crypto currencies gain recognition, ROMPOS intends to enable modules for acceptance and conversions.


Branded reward and loyalty programs drive revenue and enable thousands of influencers, marketers and customers to earn extra money while incentivizing friends and increasing your bottom line.</div

Increase sales for your business quickly and easily by offering your clients a Gift Card Program. Just simply add ROMPOS Merchant Services Gift Card Program option!

Whether your business is a hair salon, pizzeria, ice cream store or any other small business increase sales with Gift Cards from ROMPOS Merchants. Gift Cards are 100% traceable for sales and not to mention easy and convenient!

Gift Card Programs also allow for quick and flexible transactions and no risk to the merchant! Gift Cards are compatible with most credit card terminals and Point Of Sale Systems, therefore requiring little to no effort or expense for the merchant.

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