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Point of Sale Solutions

Track inventory

ROMPOS POS systems for tracking inventory and managing waste down to the smallest denominator. We help businesses manage their inventory costs and minimize inefficiencies. Accountability is oftentimes the difference between succeeding and becoming another small business statistic. Inventory is tracked at the manufacturing, warehouse, location and multilocation level where applicable. OnDemand, compile critical information about which product or menu items and daily specials sell best based on staff personality, time of day, day of the week and even weather conditions.

A tool for staff and management

Next generation mobile processing hardware and tablet are utilized to accommodate patrons, expedite service and conform to a touchless environment. Eliminate human errors and increase efficiencies by sending data directly to fulfillment, kitchen or bar, without leaving your customer. Gather customer data by offering incentives. ROMPOS will increasing efficiency, accuracy, order time and increase sales.

Improve marketing

ROMPOS efficiency and process optimization solutions within its POS system will improve marketing, allowing all businesses to entice customers with loyalty and reward programs, special offers, coupons, discounts and other promotions to encourage customers to return while
improving brand recognition and increasing customer loyalty.

Important Features in POS Systems For Restaurants

At a restaurant, things can go from calm to D-Day in an instant. The best POS systems allow for instant menu modifications across all levels and discounts that can be updated on all systems easily and instantly.

When it’s time to present the bill, ROMPOS POS system can quickly divide the check for several diners in all types of ways. POS systems include split-second, secure processing of credit card transactions at the table, the entrance, or really anywhere in the establishment. They can turn wait staff into secure mobile registers handling cash, gift card, charge cards, credit and debit purchases. ROMPOS provides extensive encryption and secure logins.

ROMPOS POS systems empower business owners and management with on-site and off-site, remote management of transactions within our cloud based secure environment.
Whichever system you purchase, it is imperative that you examine how the platform will help cut food costs, manage your workforce, and better engage with customers during and after the dining experience.

Things to Consider Before Moving Your Restaurant To Any POS System

When considering a POS system for any business, especially a restaurant POS system, your eatery should assess you current and future plans.
  • Are you a start-up food business?
  • Do you have existing Location(s)?
  • How big are you now?
  • Do You intend to grow your business?
  • Are you are planning a second location?
While some POS systems are specifically designed and segmented for smaller businesses. Others POS systems cater to chains and large, high-volume restaurants. ROMPOS retail, online, mobile, process, optimization, solutions are built on modules and will accommodate your growing needs as your one-stop-shop, all-in-one far more affordable Point of Sale solution.
Considering that most restaurant transactions are cashless, ROMPOS provides the most reliable and lowest debit and credit processing fees, accommodates reward and loyalty programs can help cut expenses.
With a large or even a small workforce, ease of operation is important. You don’t want to waste time training your staff on a complicated, non-intuitive system, especially if the learning process takes place during the free-for-all of a Friday night dinner rush.
It’s crucial that the system you purchase has regular, scheduled updates and a reliable technical support system that can help you with employee training and be a lifeline in real time with any hiccups that may occur.