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Invoice, Inventory Management and Asset Tracking

Setting the standard for cloud-based business management software

Don’t hate it. Automate it.

No one likes data entry or paper pushing.
Code invoice line-items in our system once…and that’s it. Configure rules to review only the invoices you want to see. Accurate data delivered to accounting & inventory.

Analyze costs. Visualize profits.

Improved visibility boosts your bottom-line.
Real-time visibility into food costs enable more informed purchase decisions, data-driven vendor negotiations & insight into how fluctuating prices impact the bottom line.

Connect the Kitchen & Bookkeeper.

On-demand access to invoice images & data.
Secure, anywhere access and a powerful search engine make it easy to keep financial information flowing across the house, across locations or across the country.

Inventory and inventory invoices are easily scanned and uploaded for accountability.
ROMPOS minimizes, spillage, spoilage, theft and other inventory inaccuracies are identified, minimized and oftentimes eliminated.
Market price fluctuations are adjusted. Remaining quantities are displayed on designated screens.