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Gamification has proven to be one of the most effective solutions for customer engagement, customer retention and brand building. ROMPOS gamification will enable your business to promote new products and drive traffic while increasing revenues.

Spin and Win or Scratch Off,
you will collect priceless data

Collect Powerful Customer Data users will log in with a valid email address or social media credentials. As we gather data, each person will be associated with clicks, points, badges and achievements, all of which generate big data. And big data equals valuable customer information and insights. Ultimately data equals revenue.

Crowdsourcing, Simple Answers To Complex Business Problems

Gamification the avenue to crowdsourcing. Customer feedback from games provides your business with innovation by collaboration.

Gamification For Revenue

Gamification is a creative and purposeful way to promote your offerings and introduce new products and services with a touch of excitement.

Gamification Offers Ways to Give Back to the Community

Rather than just attempting to solve business problems, give back to the community by using games for the greater good.

Stay Relevant, Reward Your Customers

Gamification enables you to reward and remind your customers that you engaged with them.

Gamification for Traffic Control

Drive customer traffic during off-peak hours.