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A broad term used loosely by many.

We are not an advertising agency. We do not believe in the broad stroke approach.
Our marketing efforts begin and continue with data exploration.  We begin with you, the merchant. It is not only about selling more product. “When” is more important. ROMPOS micro targets potential customers based on their likes and behavioral patterns delivering results during specific operational hours.
“Do not invite steak lovers for the spring vegetarian tasting menu”.
  • 94% – online review convinced them to avoid.
  • 13% – of consumers will consider 1 or 2 star rating. Ratings and reviews monitored and automated.
Customer Information:
ROMPOS will know each customer, intimately.
Customer appreciation:
Anniversary reminders and birthday promotions.
Customer Gratification:
Rewards for social media posts and reviews.
Affiliate and Referral Marketing reinvented:
Reward customers, marketers and influencers with discounts, products and cash.
Revenue On Demand (R.O.D.):
The Next Frontier in Commerce.
Imagine if hundreds of taxis, hotel concierges and alike simply referred customers to you during your slowest hours. We Imagined it, we built it. R.O.D. will drive business at your convenience.