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ROMPOS Modules – Access from Anywhere, Anytime

ROMPOS is a business intelligence tool. We continuously harvest data. Our algorithms and AI convert data to marketing and marketing to revenue while operating most efficiently.


In depth reporting at micro levels.

Enterprise Analytics

On Demand visualization drill down.

Inventory management is superior because of our invoice management software. We also keep track of items on hand and in inventory for appropriate notification.

Staff management enables attendance tracking, average sales ticket, tips, voids and on demand runs comparison to other staff members with same or similar functions.

Website management

  • Gamification for revenue
  • Simultaneous announcements, offering and price updates
  • Autonomous enticement for site traffic
  • Continuous upkeep of sites and applications

Social Media Management

  • Professionally managed social media and pr distribution
  • Promotional application to micro influencers
  • Mention based reward and loyalty points and systems

Email & SMS Marketing

  • Micro targeted marketing

Ticketing for events

  • Face recognition
  • Data
  • Revenue

Table management

Vacancy predictability – back of the house can better predict open tables.

Pre-ordering – ability to prepay and preorder with specific instructions.

Automated host – pick your own table.

Aggregator feeds

Collects and transmits orders from Grubhub, Seamless, uBer Eats to ROMPOS.

Invoice Management

Scan invoices and ROMPOS will appropriate them.
Wait staff, bartenders, salespeople access their designated page on the Command Center. Here you will see a snapshot of the data most pertinent to your business. This is sales and inventory management, staff management, social media standing, control over ROD (revenue on demand), Kash on Demand for your financing needs and pressing alerts. Each of the modules reflects real-time data OnDemand. Clicking any module will take you to a more comprehensive report and provide better understanding of each scenario.