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Simple Setup, User Friendly

Our process begins with exploration. A user friendly merchant worksheet is available online. The questions and answers will enable our staff and our systems to better identify pain points, local competitors and overall system expectations.  ROMPOS was built by techies for non- techies.
The white glove approach.  No technical skills require.

We understand some business owners lack technical expertise.

During the Client onboarding process our experienced team of  project managers, account coordinators and account managers will support the merchant throughout every step of the exploratory, onboarding and deployment processes. Once live, the systems require little to no merchant interaction.

Some technical skills.

For those that have some technical skills or simply like to explore.

Once worksheets are populated, importing existing inventories and  creating menus is simple.

If you know how to copy and paste pictures, download and upload excel/csv files and type, you are on your way.  Our staff will do the rest.

For techies.  Basic to intermediate skill set required.

The self help solution is pre programed and pre populated.

Once the worksheets are complete most of the automation will be prepopulated. Adjustment is easy. We did all the hard work.

Set up time 2-6 hours depending on item count.

Regardless of your technical skills, the process is simple.
  • Speak to our staff.
  • Demo our product.
  • Complete the worksheet and get to know your business better.
  • Our exploration process begins.
  • Upon conclusion, ideas are presented, upon acceptance, automation is installed.
  • Meet the Team, they do the rest.
  • Go live