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We have analyzed thousands of businesses and identified most common, critical pain points and inefficiencies.


ROMPOS, all-in-one provides merchants a competitive edge. A multitude of advanced Business Intelligence technologies are implemented. Merchants operating in Retail, Online and Mobile environments begin to experience sales revenue increases in as little as 48 hours.
Problem Solved
Affordable, User Friendly, Enterprise Level Solutions for local businesses.


ROMPOS, all- in-one technologies empower business owners with sophisticated tools. By digitizing and optimizing business processes and workflows, monetizing existing assets (your customers) and implementing autonomous micro targeted marketing campaigns, our technologies are designed to provide brand recognition and revenue growth. Artificial intelligence engineered to enhance system performance, mitigate inefficiencies and increase customer loyalty.
ROMPOS’s experienced staff continues to innovate technologies that position local business owners for success.

testimonials from our clients

ROMPOS has, as promised, increased my revenues and operational efficiencies. Amazing analytics enables us to better manage staff, inventories and processes while flawlessly serving customers at a much quicker rate. The consulting team refreshed, optimized and now manages website and social media presence. Our online audience, customer ratings and reviews have never been higher. My bottom line is significantly better, and the technology is worth every penny. Not only are our tables turning faster with the amazing reservation feature, but, contactless delivery, takeout and curbside pickup business is finally streamlined. Uber, grub-hub  and Seamless orders are now tracked within ROMPOS POS. The dedicated consulting team is amazing and makes the already easy to use business solution even more effective.

Uncle Gussy’s
New York City’s most recognized food truck

Wow, what an improvement within the first two weeks, and getting better daily. ROMPOS is easy to use and doesn’t require extensive training. We are serving at record levels during offpeak hours, managing inventory and invoices quicker and more efficiently than ever before, scheduling reservations faster and operating at lower cost. Our bottom line at every single location is significantly higher. We are so pleased with ROMPOS and all of its benefits, that we started with one location and deployed ROMPOS in all our restaurants not too long after.
-Ellio B
Allora NYC

ROMPOS enable us to save money and increase revenues. Contactless kiosks are amazing, and customers love it. It’s easy to use, takes unparalleled control over my business, and I love the automated marketing and invoice management, which allowed me to finally begin getting more direct orders online. The partners, employees and customers couldn’t be happier. We asked for a custom development and that too, was perfect. Revenues were up 8% during the first month alone and are 42% higher today. We pay every ROMPOS invoice with a smile. I only wish that I had this technology 20 years ago.
-Ryan S.
Burger Bandit
Lynbrook, NY

Our management team is able to manage employees more efficiently than ever before as a direct result of the revolutionary technology that is ROMPOS. Inventory management has never been easier. Staff accountability is saving us a fortune. Satisfied customers are paying faster. Our entire team loves ROMPOS. The staff at ROMPOS and the parent company Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation is amazing all around.
– Jon B.
Property Management
Westchester, NY

My staff and I recommended ROMPOS to each and every one of our friends and colleagues. Analytics enables us to better understand our needs and the needs of our clients. The website and our social media presence and response is amazing. Revenues and profits have never been better. We are operating at record levels and have never been as profitable as we are today, due to the continued success that ROMPOS has given us.
– Billy M.
Construction Equipment Rental

ROMPOS made scheduling simple, merchant service’s less expensive, and ensured that all business operations run far more smoothly. Customers are more loyal and interact with us regularly. New clients are brought on daily. We are more prepared and provide significantly better service. ROMPOS communicates with our customers, and our brand is better recognized because of it. In-store and online retail sales are up, with margins that have increased far beyond our greatest expectations. The consultations we receive monthly are on point. The marketing is very effective. Our stylists, manicurists, and beauticians are so pleased.
– Steve B.
VS1 Hair Salon
Nassau County, NY

Amazing marketing, exposure, and website and social media management. Very effective customer communication and invoice management. Very robust analytics.
– Wayne G.
Law Firm

Using the advanced technology that is ROMPOS, our causes have begun to receive more exposure, sponsorships, and donations than ever before. Our message is being heard as the recognition we receive grows from coast to coast. ROMPOS is the greatest technology that every business operator must have.
I matter, you matter
– Joseph Wooten
Nashville, TN

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